The Bread & Butter Project - Australia's first social enterprise bakery

As Australia’s first social enterprise bakery, we invest 100% of our profits to help shape the lives of those seeking refuge and asylum as they shape loaves for you to eat and feel good about.

The Bread & Butter Project
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Sourdough avocado toast

5 easy and delicious ways to include sourdough with every meal of the day

Kathryn Dalziel |

Sourdough’s popularity has been rising (no pun intended) in recent years, and 2020 saw a surge of interest in both baking and serving it. And there’s no doubt that – with its tangy taste, chewy texture and satisfyingly crunchy crust – sourdough makes a great sandwich base or soup accompaniment. But have you ever wondered […]

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The secret life of sourdough

Catherine Hughes |

The Bread & Butter Project is everyday proof that baking bread can literally change people’s lives. But what about the bread itself? Take our signature sourdough, for example. What is sourdough bread? And why, after thousands of years, has Western civilisation apparently rediscovered it in 2020? Sourdough’s simplicity does seem kind of magical. It’s just […]

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How to store sourdough

How to store sourdough bread

Gillian Brodie |

Wondering how long your sourdough loaf will stay fresh & delicious, and how to best store it? Here’s the advice from the experts […]

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How to toast sourdough bread

How to toast sourdough bread

Rachel Amies |

Here are tasty suggestions for how to toast sourdough bread without a toaster. Try them out today with sourdough from The Bread & Butter Project! […]

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Bread Shapes

Bread shapes: how to tell a boule from a batard and what to do with each

Lauren Bevilacqua |

Bread shapes: how to tell a boule from a batard and what to do with each type […]

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Best bakery in Sydney - baguette

Sydney’s best bakery delights

Gabrielle Martinovich |

What are the best bakeries in Sydney? Here’s one Sydneysider foodie’s personal recommendations… […]

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